Yelitza Diaz is an international sculptor, discover her story...

Yelitza Diaz, Venezuelan born artist, September 1973. Residing in South Carolina. Since she was a child has been wrapped in the life of the arts. In 1995, she graduated from the arts school Arturo Michelena in Valencia-Venezuela and later she attended countless art workshops. Also, she participated in important competitions of Fine Arts at national and international level, where are granted awards and recognition. Also, worked as professor of Art Education and Art History. Some of her artworks are in Important collections in Venezuela, Europe and USA.
 Passionate about human figure, she makes her sculptures with variety techniques with a minimalist style, with a clear inclination for human existentialism. With her works she tries to reflect the hope of the universal man, the despair, the most hidden feelings of the human being, the lack of action and reaction.
Yelitza Diaz present the series “Small Beings Climbing” Based on the diversity of the human being, and the triumph that entails the union of the efforts. Represent the being that breaks all barriers, unites efforts, and achieves the impossible. It is a work that seeks to exalt the spirit of struggle, equality, and reciprocity of the citizens of this world, regardless of their differences. In fact, the Small Beings of this work do not have a defined face or gender, since their differences do not matter. The only thing that moves them is the same goal of progress, and fraternal union.

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